TEC 200mm f/8 telescope w/ oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective


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One of TEC’s most powerful APOs available. While portable, the TEC APO200FL F/8 could be considered an observatory class instrument that requires a permanent station and large mount. More attention should be taken to observing site, and air/weather conditions, but when the weather permits – you will understand what was money spent for!

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TEC’s first observatory class instrument, the APO200FL F/8 allows the observer to delve deep into the beauty of space.

  • The APO200FL F/8 features an oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective with a Fluorite (CaF2) middle element, resulting in color correction that is optimized for visual use and imaging. This oil-spaced triplet design in combination with multi-layer coatings on all surfaces of the objective ensure maximal light transmission.
  • The objective is housed in an aluminum cell, providing for excellent thermoregulation properties while remaining lightweight and strong.
  • The optical assembly sits in a lightweight aluminum tube that utilizes anti-reflective coating and sharp-edged baffles throughout the interior and forget about collimation – after the scope leaves TEC, no adjustment is required.
  • Further, the crisp all white assembly projects the elegant, handcrafted quality that TEC is known for. Expect deep contrast and rich, natural color out of this compact and timeless design.
  • Each APO200FL F/8 comes equipped with a Starlight Instruments FTF#3545 Feather Touch Focuser that was designed in collaboration with TEC. This is Starlight Instruments’ largest rotating focuser with coarse and fine focusing 9:1 Planetary Reduction Assembly.
  • The 2” locking metal collet is insensitive to temperature fluctuations and holds loads with high precision and concentricity.
  • Includes precision adjustable Tube Rings.
  • Able to accommodate a wide variety of eyepieces.
  • Recommended to be paired with a high capacity load mount and a stationary observation station.

In classic refractor fashion, the TEC APO200FL F/8 is a no compromise, no frills design that lets the wonders of nature speak for themselves. 

Recommended Accessories

  • 12” Dovetail Plate and Carry Handle facilitate easy transportation and fit seamlessly with most mounts. The larger size fits effortlessly with our larger models.
  • Focal Reducer Corrector converts the F/8 Ratio to F/7.2 with a 115mm back focus.
  • 10×60 Baader Vario Finderscope with a TEC Finder Bracket and Base for Telescope mounting.
  • 7×50 Vixen Finderscope with a TEC Finder Bracket and Base for Telescope mounting.
  • Gutekunst Compact Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC)
Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 20 in

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