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The FS series of apochromatic refracting telescopes from Takahashi provides a balance of high performance, compact size, and low cost.  At its heart is a two-element fluorite lens set that provides outstanding performance for both visual and imaging applications.  The FS series has a modular design that makes use of several reducers, extenders and flatterers to further enhance its capabilities and versatility.

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By attaching the Extender-CQ1.7X, the FS-60CB is converted into an FS-60Q, a 600mm f/10 telescope consisting of one fluorite element, with a flat field across the image circle. This extender fits between the FS-60 objective and the focuser, creating a unique 4-element-in-2-groups apochromat that is physically shorter than conventional 60mm f/10 refractors.

FS-60Q Spot diagram


Aperture 61mm

Focal Ratio: f/10

Image Circle: 44mm

OTA Length: 15.8″

OTA Outer Diameter: 80mm

OTA Weight: 2.9 lbs

Optical Tube Assembly only (reducers and flatteners, mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately).

Weight 71 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 24 in

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