Takahashi FC-100DF Refractor OTA


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The Takahashi FC-100D is Takahashi’s latest update to the 100mm fluorite refractor.  The FC-100D uses the Steinheil design with the fluorite element in the rear and an eco-glass front element.  This apochromatic telescope provides outstanding views, both visually and with digital imaging hardware.

  • Great for visual and astrophotography
  • Optional accessories for planetary and deep space imaging
  • Larger 100 mm aperture great high contrast views
  • Excellent for viewing galaxies, globular clusters, nebulae, and planets
  • Rear Flourite element for optimum color correction
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The Takahashi FC-100DF f/7.4 Fluorite Refractor OTA provides outstanding performance for both visual observers and astrophotographers. It has its own dedicated set of reducers and flatteners and also uses some accessories from the TOA series.

The FC-100DF Telescope is an apochromatic fluorite Steinheil doublet with a 100 mm objective. The front element is ground and polished from eco-glass to maximize light transmission and the rear element is made from coated fluorite for optimum color correction.

The optical tube has a fixed dew shield and a 2.7-inch rack and pinion focuser and has shorter tube length than the FC-100DC which provides the additional back focus for astrophotography purposes.

Weight 71 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 24 in

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