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The same excellence in engineering and design that Bisque has become known for in their Paramount EQ mount series has been applied to an equatorial fork mount. Designed with the serious astronomer and professional market in mind, the Taurus 400 is built to carry large astrographs and telescopes up to 0.4 meters and has a robust load capacity of 400 pounds. A surprisingly compact mount can be set up by one person if need be as it breaks down into 5 manageable pieces. Included belt driven gears with spring loaded worm to gear interface results in virtually zero backlash. Additional features include ample space for through mount cabling, all electronics and wiring housed within the mount for a clean and organized system. Power supply and PC to mount cables are included as is the full Bisque Paramount Software Suite which includes SkyX Pro, Camera Add On, Dome Add On ProTrack, Direct Guide, Super Model, All Sky Image Link, and Closed Loop Slews among others for full mount, dome and camera control.

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Paramount origin in an Equatorial Fork Design

  • 400 pound capacity
  • Mount disassembles into five separate components each weighing less than 90 pounds
  • Sub-0.1 arcsecond resolution absolute on-axis encoders ensure optimal performance
  • Integrated azimuth and elevation polar alignment adjustments
  • Fourth-generation control system featuring USB 2.0 computer to mount interface
  • Belt-driven gears with spring-loaded worm interface results in virtually zero backlash
  • Ample space for additional through the mount and fork routed cabling
  • All standard electronics and through-the-mount wiring are housed inside the mount
  • Power supply and PC to mount cabling included
Weight 71 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 24 in

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