JMI HEAVY-DUTY Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar


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All Medium Heavy Duty Wheeley Bars fit tripod tip-to-tip distance of 34 – 42.5 inches.
Tip receptacle is 2-3/4″ I.D. Will not fit tripods with feet larger than 2-3/4 inches.

The 2 3/8″ wheels and 1/2″ leveling screws are no longer available on the Medium Heavy Duty Wheeley Bars. The Standard Package now comes with 5″ Wheels and the Heavy Duty 5/8″ Leveling Screws.

Additional Options, such as the 10″ pneumatic wheels and tow handle, can be configured below at a package discount.

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JMI HEAVY-DUTY Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar

JMI HEAVY-DUTY Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar creates an easy way to move mounted telescopes to and from observing locations. Consists of a sturdy base with locking wheels and leveling bolts.  Comes standard with Heavy Duty 5/8″ Leveling Screws. Easily move, lock and level the complete telescope assembly from location to location without the need to disconnect and reconnect all the electrical and computer cabling during transport.

This HEAVY-DUTY Version is designed for heavier equipment with the same footprint as the standard Medium Wheeley Bars and the heavier construction of the Large Wheeley Bars.  In other words, they are like Large Size Wheeley Bars with short legs (the same length as the Medium Size Wheeley Bars).  Because of the increased weight with the narrow width, there will be a greater risk due to the high center of gravity.  The equipment will need to be strapped down to the Wheeley Bars, and, as with all Wheeley Bars, JMI will not be responsible for equipment tipping over.

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Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 7 in

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