Farpoint is proud to offer the services you need in order for your set-up to get the exact accuracy it needs to photographic its target, we offer the services listed.

If there is a specific service you need that isn’t listed here please contact us at.

We offer mirror coating, free mirror testing, mirror refiguring, and a wide variety of telescope services. More information at
Optical Structures offers robotic research telescopes, lightweight substrates and finished optics, LIDAR components, telescopes and scanners, and much more. More information at
Astrodon Professional Astrophotography Services
We offer advice, integration, and assembly to help you put together your complete dream astrophotography system.
These services are available for individual customers as well as for large research and educational institutions.
Astrodon Filter Services
We offer custom filter orders and filter mounting services. If you need a custom filter for your specific system we also offer to manufacture the filters specific to your need.
Optical Structures Services

Optical Structures is a high tech manufacturing company that specializes in electro-optical-mechanical engineering and manufacturing.

OSI caters to institutional and government customers desiring large and specialized custom devices and instruments.

OSI also seeks out and forms select strategic partnerships with other manufacturing companies to provide key design and production manufacturing services vital to their operation.

The OSI team combines over 4 decades of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing optical systems for consumer and professional markets.

We are uncompromising in our standards of engineering and fabrication, and we welcome the opportunity to provide you with state-of-the-art instrumentation to satisfy your many demands.