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  • Takahashi TOA-150B Refractor OTA


    The TOA series is a member of Takahashi’s line of triplet refractors.  In the TOA design, three lens elements are used, with the front and rear constructed from ED glass.  The resulting system achieves a high level of apochromatic performance for both visual observation and imaging.  Takahashi engineers have a undertaken a complete redesign of the triplet system, completely eliminating spherical aberration while minimizing axial chromatic aberration in the visible light spectrum.

    In typical apochromatic designs, the elimination of chromatic aberration is usually at the expense of increasing spherical aberration at various wavelengths.  However, with the TOA series, the focal shift across the entire visible spectrum from 436 nm up to 656 nm is less than +/- 0.01 mm.  This is less than 1/100 the aberration of a typical apochromatic design.

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  • TEC 160mm F/7 telescope w/ oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective


    APO160FL F/7 – Slightly larger than the TEC APO140FL F/7, the APO160FL F/7 is slightly longer and heavier, and may require a larger mount. APO160FL has excellent color correction thanks to glass combined with Fluorite as a middle element.

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  • TEC 180mm F/7 telescope w/ oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective


    Highly popular and TEC’s largest portable telescope. It fits in any car and could be lifted and installed on the mount by one person. Same excellent color correction as in APO160FL.

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  • TEC 200mm f/8 telescope w/ oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective


    One of TEC’s most powerful APOs available. While portable, the TEC APO200FL F/8 could be considered an observatory class instrument that requires a permanent station and large mount. More attention should be taken to observing site, and air/weather conditions, but when the weather permits – you will understand what was money spent for!

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  • TEC 250mm F/8.8 telescope w/ oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective


    TEC’s most powerful telescope. It is considered an observation class instrument. Weighing in at 50kg, the APO250VT F/8.8 can be transported to various observing stations, however TEC highly recommends that a permanent observing station be made for this telescope. It requires a large mount and specialized accessories; however, it will provide some of the best observing available to the consumer.

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