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  • Starlight Xpress Trius Pro-814C USB Hub CCD color Camera System


    Major Features

    • A Bayer matrix single-shot colour version of the TRIUS PRO-814 mono camera.
    • Medium format, high resolution ‘Exview’ CCD chip with 9.19M pixels (3.69uM x 3.69uM square pixels) in a 15.98 mm diagonal array.
    • Exceptionally low dark signal – No dark frames necessary for most deep sky objects.
    • Excellent QE of 77% peak in yellow light, 65% at Hydrogen alpha (656 nm).
    • Three port powered USB hub built-in. Can drive a Lodestar or Superstar guider + SX filter wheel.
    • High performance two stage cooling for better than -40C delta T
    • Dry Argon CCD chamber fill for improved cooling performance.
    • Exceptionally effective anti-blooming with minimal effect on linearity and no lost active area.
    • Back focal length 17mm +/-1mm
    • High speed USB 2.0 interface for approx. 6 second downloads.
    • Built-in triple powered USB hub for guider and filter wheel control.
    • Single USB cable control for all features – get rid of that dangerous cable tangle!
    • Very low power consumption. Less than 1.5 amps at 12v DC.
    • Compact and lightweight – only 75mm in diameter x 70mm long – Only 450g load on the telescope.
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