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  • Atik 11000 (Color: ATK0149)

    • This is the Color version of the Atik 11000, Atik’s top of the range high resolution, large-format cooled CCD camera. It incorporates a huge 37mm x 25mm sensor, and is the camera for the uncompromising user who is looking to create stunning high-resolution deep sky images using the Kodak KAI 11002 CCD sensor; and is available in mono or one-shot colour cameras.


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  • Atik 16200 Color, Large Format CCD camera


    This is the color version.

    The Atik 16200 boasts an APS-H size sensor with a 35mm diagonal in a new case design. The 6µm pixel sensor makes it suitable for a large range of telescopes. The large format size of the camera makes it ideal for astrophotographers looking to capture widefield views of the night sky and zoom in on deep sky regions of interest.

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  • Atik Horizon II Monochrome CCD camera


    This is the color version. The Atik Horizon II is the follow up to the first Atik CMOS Camera developed for deep sky astrophotography. Whilst maintaining the core elements of the initial horizon such as its 16MP CMOS sensor with a 21.9mm diagonal, its evolution comes in its variety. Now offering three modes – Normal, PowerSave, and Fast – the Horizon II can produce the highest quality images in PowerSave mode and boasts an increased frame rate in Fast mode.

    This makes Horizon II one of the most versatile cameras you can buy; suitable for deep sky, planetary or EAA imaging.


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  • QHY268C-L, cooled, back-illuminated, color CMOS camera, Pro Lite model

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  • QHY268C-PH Photographic model, monochromatic

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  • STF-4070C Color (Bayer) Camera

    • Large, High Resolution 8.1 Megapixel CCD with 5.5 micron pixels
    • Fast, Dual Channel Read Out
    • Full Frame, High Res, Low Noise, 16-bit download in 0.5 seconds.
    • Electronic shutter for fast exposure …
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  • STF-4070SC Color (Truesense Sparse Color)


    This SBIG STF-4070 camera model features the highly sensitive Truesense Sparse Color Filter Pattern. It sports a KAI-04070 4 mp CCD sensor in a 4/3″ optical format. Built upon a cutting-edge 7.4 micron Interline Transfer CCD, this sensor features broad dynamic range, superb imaging efficiency, and a flexible readout design.

    The STF-4070 has been enhanced to provide fast full frame downloads and peak cooling in a compact package the size of an STF. It only takes about 1/4 second to download a high resolution 4 mp 16-bit frame using the dual channel readout mode. Despite this ultra fast download rate, the read noise remains especially low at about 9e-.

    The STF-4070 was designed chiefly for the OEM market, specifically for microscopy operations where short exposures and high frame rates that can be achieved by an electronic shutter are more beneficial over having a mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames. As a result, the SBIG STF-4070 cooling design is very powerful with the capability of a cooling delta higher than -50 degrees C.

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