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  • Pegasus DewMaster 5 Channel Digital Dew Heater Controller


    DewMaster was made for the visual astronomer. Connect up to five dew heaters and control them individually using PWM duty cycle. Full digital operation and a high resolution red film display makes the control of the device quick and simple. Measure consumed Amperes and Input voltage by a glimpse of an eye. Optionally, an external temperature and humidity sensor will let you know the levels of the relative humidity , temperature and dew point. Automatic dew heaters control will let you relax as you know that in case of high levels of humidity your optics will be moisture free!

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  • Pegasus PEG-PPB Pocket Powerbox


    Pocket Powerbox (in short PPB)  is suitable for the “grab and go” astrophotographer who does not want too much automation. Device can provide 10Amps of power, a sufficient number of 12V Outputs, Two Dew Heater Channels,  A DSLR power output and an environmental sensor to monitor humidity and temperature.

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  • Pegasus PEG-UPBV2 Ultimate Powerbox


    If you are tired of carrying multiple power packs and dealing with a mess of power and data cables, the Ultimate Powerbox v2, a sophisticated power control unit, is the “Ultimate” solution.

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  • Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Advance (PPBADV)



    • 4 x 12V DC Power outlets for your equipment (ON/OFF via software)
    • 12 Amps of total distributed currentAdjustable Output (3, 5, 8, 9, 12Volt) / 3Amps (Can be switched ON/OFF) Power your DSLR / Mirrorless camera
    • Embedded Powered USB3 Hub – 4 x USB3 Ports or 3 x USB2 Ports Available
    • 1 x Power USB Port (up to 3Amps) – Suitable for Raspberry PI 3/4 power
    • Port (RJ12) for external accessories (E.g External Focus Controller)
    • 2 Channels PWM Dew Heaters – RCA Outputs (Tune levels via software)
    • Humidity and Temperature Sensor (included)
    • Auto Tune Dew Heater Channels
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • USB / PC Controlled or Standalone Operation out of the box
    • Lightweight and extremely compact aluminium enclosure
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  • Pegasus Power Supply Unit 12V/10A – 2.1mm plug (for PPB and other Pegasus Astro Products)



    • Output Voltage: 12V
    • Loading: 0-10 amps
    • Max. Power: 120 watts
    • Input Voltage Range: 90 – 264V
    • Connector Size: 5.5 * 2.1 mm
    • Frequency: 47-63 hz
    • Cord Length: 150 cm (5 ft)
    • Regulated output with low ripple noise
    • Sealed enclosure protects against dust and moisture
    • Meets Safety Agency requirements and is EMI/EMS certified
    • Efficiency Level (ErP): VI
    • CE and FCC certificate acquired
    • Dimensions: 169 mm (6.7″) x 61 mm (2.4″) x 39 mm (1.5″)
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  • Pegasus USB Control Hub


    A SuperSpeed (SS), low power, switchable USB3.1 Gen1 hub and fully compliant with USB-IF’s USB 3.1 Gen1 specification . The Hub supports Hi-Speed (HS), Full Speed (FS) and Low Speed (LS). The new SuperSpeed hubs operate in parallel with the USB 2.0 controller, so 5 Gbps SuperSpeed data transfers are not affected by slower USB 2.0 traffic.

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