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  • Parallax Standard Telescope Tube Rings


    Please specify telescope make, model, the outside diameter of your OTA, and any drilling & tapping requirements in the required fields above. If you know the answers to all of these questions and convey them to us in your order, we will go ahead and order your rings from the manufacturer.

    If you aren’t sure on any of these questions and would prefer we contact you, let us know that in the drilling & tapping text area and provide your preferred contact information. You will need to type something in the other two fields, but a simple (and to the point) “Help” would suffice. Any information you do know about your set-up would be appreciated so we can do a little research ahead of time, but it’s not required.

    Please note that we cannot offer refunds on custom-made products, including these Parallax rings. Make sure you request the proper size and give the correct tapping and drilling instructions for your set-up. If you aren’t sure or need help, please contact a member of our telescope customer service team via chat, phone, or email. Thanks.

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