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  • EUDA Monochrome, 16 megapixel, 185° x 185° field of view, cooled, All Sky Camera, with filter wheel and optical glass dome

    – 16 millions pixel monochrome progressive scan detector with 12 bits digitization
    – Cooled CMOS sensor minus 30°C from ambiant
    – Digital USB 2.0 output with 20 m cable length
    – 185°x185° fisheye field
    – Snapshot with long exposure mode
    – Active and automatic dome defrost
    – Full anodized aluminium casing, water tight box and connectors.
    – Embedded 5 position filter wheel (user can choose which filter to integrate, allowing best flexibility)
    – Lens auto-iris and focuser remote control
    – Daylight imaging with short exposure and iris control
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